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Luminous Christmas Pack


This Luminous Christmas Pack is designed to evoke the skins radiance, by a range of the Pelactiv Vita C+ Skincare and Essential Skincare products. 

Suitable for mature and damaged Skin.  Give the gift of Nourished skin this Christmas

  • Fresh Gel Cleanser 150ml
  • Hydra Moist Toner 180ml
  • Oil-Free Balancing Serum 50ml
  • Facial Refiner Deep Cleansing Scrub 30ml


  • Fresh Gel Cleanser – 150ml: This deliciously refreshing foaming gel cleanser enriched with Vitamin C and Green Tea Extract offers immediate moisture to the skin plus long term hydration as it removes impurities without drying your skin.
  • Hydra Moist Toner – 180ml: An extremely gentle, alcohol free toner that delivers the correct control of moisture leaving the skin balanced and refreshed.
  • Day Radiance – 50ml: A beautifully smooth cream that instantly provides an intense moisture surge to the skin.
  • Facial Refiner Deep Cleansing Scrub – 30ml: The Pelactiv Facial Refiner Deep Cleansing Scrub will gently dissolve dead and rough skin cells and any impurities. This will instantly invigorate lack lustre skin.


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