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clear glow pack

Clear Glow Pack


In this great value pack  you will receive :

Gentle Foaming Cleanser 150ml

Gentle foaming cleanser that removes environmental pollution, excess oil, impurities and makeup. Leaves skin feeling clean, soft and refreshed.

Essential Clarifying Toner 150ml

A refreshing alcohol- free toner that removes environmental pollution, refines pores and calms the skin. Essential for maximising the absorption of treatment oils, serums and creams. A hydrating spray which is great for traveling and hydrating the skin throughout the day.

Oil-Free Balancing Serum 50ml

A light textured moisturising serum works to re-balance excessive oil flow, reducing breakouts and redness, helping to heal the skin.

Facial Refiner Deep Cleansing Scrub

A gentle dual action exfoliating scrub with Lactic Acid and perfectly rounded granules, works to soften and decongest the skin, removing the build-up of dead skin cells without damaging the skin. Regular use will help to balance the skin and refine the pores.

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APPLICATION : Squeeze a 10 cent sized amount of cleanser onto the fingertips or apply to cotton pads. Gently massage into face, neck and décolletage in sweeping circular motions. Use a dampened, soft face washer or damp cotton pads to remove residual cleanser. If wearing make-up, cleanse twice.


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